Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Time

Been a while since I posted anything! I mainly stopped as most of my posts seemed to be a report on posts made elsewhere, mainly from the or dave. Since blogs shouldn't really be about redistributing news I decided to pause until things move ahead and make a proper review.

Actually, reading through my past posts, they're more opinion and speculation based than I thought rather than just posting news from elsewhere. Maybe I just slipped into stand-by mode for a while then. (That's the android excuse for being a lazy beggar.)

Well Back To Earth has been and gone now...(interesting to see how off I was in some of my speculation, especially concerning the 'simulant' involvement in the plot, heh) and I've left it late! I decided to wait until I got the DVD and saw the Director's cut before posting a review. I still plan to do this (better late than never right?) and I hope to make more frequent posts. (Not just on Red Dwarf stuff, although its still a very central interest of mine! I'm Particularly liking the hints concerning production of a new series.)

Anyhow all the best. I'll be back soon.

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