Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red Dwarf: New series is likely on the way!

(Image credit to Red Dwarf official site's Back to Earth Gallery.)

Ok, I said that I didn't want to just use these blog posts to pass on news but I think this is worthwhile. To quote Mr Llewellyn*'s twitter post:

"Series 10 of Red Dwarf announcement just been made at DJ 09. To clarify the scripts have been commissioned, wont be filming until 2010"

A bit more information on Ganymede and Titan, which is that there will be six episodes, possibly more depending on budget.

I feel like punching the air and yelling "WOOHOO!", but imitating the Simpsons is so cliché.

More news when it comes.

*He is a mechanoid in a parallel universe, doncha know.